Make Your Own Target

Make Your Own Target
  1. Buy two bales of hay. They can be found at most places that sell garden or outdoors supplies.
  2. Stack the bales of hay in the area you plan to shoot. It's helpful if you have a backdrop behind the target area, such as a large mound of dirt to keep wayward arrows from going far.
  3. Brace the bales of hay using some cloth netting that can be bought at most sporting good stores. This will help keep the bales of hay together by placing the netting over the bales and stapling them tight. Some people use a wire netting, which is stronger, but can damage your arrows.
  4. Place a target on the bales of hay. You can use either about an inch-thick piece of plastic foam cut in a 24-inch-by-24-inch square, or you can use a sheet of paper cut to the same dimensions. Staple them to the bales of hay.
  5. Mark your targets. On a deer you are shooting for its heart, lungs and liver, so draw a roughly hand-sized oval on the sheet of paper or plastic foam. It should be about 2 feet of the ground, which is roughly where it would be on an adult deer.

Archery Target Tips

Set up an area about 20 to 25 yards away from the target to shoot from. You can also use a dot system or a circular bull's-eye system on your target Consider putting cinder blocks on the sides of the hay bales. That will prevent it from tipping in the wind or other problems of nature.

Depending on your usage, the bales of hay will last for quite awhile. However, monitor them and the netting for wear and tear.



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