How To Set Up Archery Targets

archery targets

Archery is an excellent sport that helps develop upper body strength, as well as improve balance, stamina and hand-eye coordination. When something so fun is also highly beneficial, you'll want to practice as much as you can, and the best way to make sure you practice regularly is to set up your very own range with archery targets.

  1. Decide whether you will be setting up a standard archery range or a 3-D archery range. A standard archery range will require considerably less room, while a 3-D range will be a little more exciting.
  2. Find a good location. A standard archery range will need a long, narrow piece of land that is free of any obstructions and is relatively flat. If you must use land that is uneven, be sure to place your targets on the higher ground and your shooting station on a lower area. A 3-D range can be set up essentially anywhere, but will need a larger, preferably circular area.
  3. Choose the kind of targets you will use. Depending on your budget, targets can either be purchased pre-made in various designs, or you can make your own out of bales of hay, layered cardboard or even old mattresses. Be creative, but be sensible. Use materials that can be easily punctured, but that are tough enough to stop the arrow before it passes through, without damaging your arrows.
  4. Set up your targets with a clearance of at least 50 feet behind each one. Rope off this buffer zone so any observers or passersby will not venture into danger. Moreover, rope off a separate space for observation. Ideally, this should be at least 10 feet behind the archer, but can be placed alongside the range at at least 50 feet from the range.
  5. Give each target adequate distance by setting them no closer together than 2 1/2 meters between each bullseye.
  6. Set your targets up in a way that allows you to reposition them once you become stronger and more accurate.

Archery Target Tips

Try to find a location where you can leave your range set up permanently. This saves time and frustration and increases the probability that you will take the time to shoot whenever you have the chance.

Avoid using land that is especially rocky or has hard-packed dirt between you and the target. Rocks will break arrows, and hard-packed earth will deflect an arrow, sending it off in unpredictable directions.

How to Hunt with Deer Decoys

Deer decoys are effective tools for bow hunters, whether you are looking for a trophy buck or trying to fill the freezer with venison. Decoys attract bucks looking for a fight or a mate and can make does feel safe enough to stop and feed. With a little practice and minimal expense, decoys can make your hunts more successful.

  1. Pick a style of decoy to use. Two dimensional decoys are lighter and more convenient than three dimensional ones, but they are less realistic and are only effective when incoming deer use certain approaches. Partial body decoys offer a midway point that is more convenient than 3-D and more versatile than 2-D. Choose based on the distance you need to walk to your hunting location and the type of area where you hunt.
  2. Decide what kind of setup to use. If you are going after does, fawn decoys are effective in the early season. A pair of does can have a calming effect on incoming does during the rest of the season. For bucks use a doe-buck pair during the rut. Immediately before and after the rut, lone does are most effective. Other times of season, bucks can provoke other bucks to come in looking for a fight.
  3. Handle your decoys with rubber gloves to prevent leaving human scent on them. Commercially available scents increase the effectiveness of decoys.
  4. Set decoys upwind of your position and in a place that gives you a clear shot.
  5. Use a call that matches your decoy. For example, when using a fawn decoy to attract, does make a distress call.

Deer Decoy Tip

Never walk with an uncovered decoy. Handling decoys is dangerous, especially during rifle season. Hunting with decoys is not recommended outside of bow hunting season.

Choose An Archery Target

  • 3D Archery Targets 3D Archery Targets
  • Archery Block Targets Archery Block Targets
  • Make Your Own Target Make Your Own Target
  • Printable Targets Printable Targets
  • Target Repair Target Repair



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